February 10, 2012: The birthday details

I loved creating the little details for Rafe’s birthday party, and wanted to share how I did them. Really, none of it was genius or difficult, but I think as whole it turned out quite well. Here’s a photo of the spread, in case you didn’t see it before:

First the Happy Birthday banner. I wanted it to mimic the circles on the title page of the book, like this:

I simply found some marbled construction paper from a local craft store and cut the circles out using an upside down glass bowl as the template. I then just used a Sharpie marker to write out the letters.

For the caterpillar on the wall, I was originally inspired by a Pottery Barn kids themed party and paper lantern caterpillar, found here.

Because I didn’t want to pay at least $6 for each lantern, I decided I could recreate a less expensive version with balloons (I paid a total of $2 instead at the Dollar Store). Though it wasn’t quite as fancy, it was certainly easy to assemble, easy to take down, and got the point across :)

Finally the food label cards. I think these were actually my favorite.

I knew I wanted to plan the party menu around the food the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate on his journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly. I also knew I wanted the guests to catch on to the menu items, so I went to a used bookstore near my house and was able to find a mini copy of the book that wasn’t a board book (on my way to the bookstore I was trying to think of the best way to cut and put the thick cardboard on the label cards)…so I was so glad to be able to find a paper version! I simply cut out the pictures from the book and glued them to the cards, adding the book’s narration as a little touch.

Those are the main little details. I also found the layout for cupcake/cake display on Pintrest and although I never got around to the legs (read about the birthday cake fiasco here), I still had a lot of fun with it!


What are your thoughts?

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