8 days

September 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

We are 8 days away from leaving the States. I have lots of mixed feelings…I am anxious and excited to begin this new adventure, but I am also increasingly sad as it sinks in that we will be leaving our amazing friends and awesome church.

Last week was really crazy and I still feel like I am trying to recuperate! We shipped out our things last Wednesday, and now most of our belongings are somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean. This week is easy compared to last week; we’ve gotten the hardest part finished (moving our things), and now we just need to wait for our visas to finish processing, book our hotels (on the list today), contact a realtor in Cambridgeshire to help us find a place ASAP once we arrive, sell our car and a few other items, and start making the packing list (which is fairly simple…everything that didn’t go on the boat goes in our bags…as long as it fits, haha!).

So, this week we are spending a lot of time with friends. It’ll be a whirlwind, but I am so thankful for the friends we have, and hope that I can slow down and truly enjoy some final time with our dears.

Last week Rafe and I went to Frying Pan Farm with our good friends Kristin and her daughter Natalie. The littles went on their first carousel ride! Here are a few photos from our trip:


rocks in his hands

more fun with rocks!

driving a tractor

it’s serious business!


first carousel ride!


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  • Rebecca Whyley says:

    Jenevieve, you’ve expressed your feelings so well, we can all understand your apprehension and excitement all mixed in together. Sounds like you’ve been your usual organized self! It is definitely weird to think of all your worldly possessions on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic! Rob’s brother and his wife have done this move from overseas to US and back many times–you will survive!! Can’t wait to hear of your new Cambridgeshire address so we can keep in touch.The pictures of the children at the farm are just so cute.

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