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March 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

This past week has certainly been an interesting one. Well, perhaps I should say these past few days since Wednesday, because I honestly can’t remember much farther back than that.

Wednesday a friend and I took our babies to D.C. to see the cherry blossoms and encountered horrific traffic and fussiness from the back seat on the way. By the time we arrived we couldn’t find parking and the kiddos were snoozing anyway. So we decided to take the auto-tour and left the city to pursue lunch at a local pizza place (The Italian Store) and grab some Starbucks for the traffic-y ride home. Even though it didn’t turn out as planned, it was still fun. Here are a few photos I snapped from the car:

The blossoms were lovely.

Thursday morning I woke up with a stomach virus. It was brutal, and I was in bed (and let’s face it, the bathroom) all morning until John had to go work at 1:30. I can honestly say that Thursday was the first day I have ever been apprehensive of staying home alone with Rafe. I was unable to see how I could possibly manage to care for him for the next 5.5 hours all by myself. Thank the Lord he is a fantastic self-entertainer. I spent much of the afternoon on the couch, and Rafe even took an extra long nap (what a blessing!) so I was able to get in a nap that I sorely needed. I was exhausted. Thankfully, it was only a 24 hour bug.

John was away at a staycation with some of his guy friends for the weekend, so I filled my time with running a few errands, going to a lovely bridal shower, going on a long run, painting the master bathroom, and having a friend over Saturday night to catch up on life and watch The Biggest Loser. It was a productive weekend!

All this to say, we’ve been exceptionally busy and I have been having more difficulty getting my thoughts together. There are a thousand things I want to do, and there are a million things I need to do. I am ambitious, and I am organized but my mind has been chaos lately. My brain spins to try to analyze and compartmentalize my innumerable lists, my emotions, my physical needs and capacities and my future dreams for our family. And how to do it all and feel it all and to focus on the big picture and everything. Everything. And I have only one kid! How do you mamas of multiples keep up?

How do you know when you just need to grit your teeth and keep up the pace because the reward will be worth it, and when you need to take a break and start saying no and slowing down? Sometimes I am so sure that I am my biggest hindrance. I think I want to do too much, and I judge the success of my day on my productivity. I think I sometimes obsess over using my time wisely and to the max. I don’t want to get so strung out that I become obsessive. I want to be okay with things not going as planned. No, I want to so flexible that I even enjoy rolling with the punches and just taking it in stride. I want to be composed, I want to be light. How do I do that?

This may just be a guess, but I think simply remembering what I am about (God, my family and making a happy home) will be my guide. Is this item on my to-do list essential to loving God, serving my family, or making my home more beautiful, comfortable, and functional? And ladies, I believe that vacuuming can be all those things. So can  showering. And relaxing. And writing my thoughts down on my little blog. Right? Some things maybe more so than others, I think.

Either way, it’s Monday, and I tried to keep my list to only essentials…and ended up with seven doable tasks.

Ladies, what are your thoughts? How do you keep your brain organized? How do you know when to take a break? How do you know when you need to stop and play with your kids or just get them out of the house instead of finishing those dishes or folding that laundry? What tells you it’s time to relax? How do you prioritize your day?

I know I’m not the only one who tries to be superwoman/mom/wife. I’d love to hear any and all thoughts, advice, or whatever!



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  • Rebecca Whyley says:

    Those are beautiful pictures! (#1 on my list of why I miss the east coast!)

    You are blessed with wisdom and thoughtfulness, and boundless energy! Just being aware of your active imagination and your desire to make a happy home is a great start! You want your surroundings to be pleasant and happy for everyone, and that’s a virtue! Every day is a new day, full of possibility, but…you don’t have to wear yourself out!
    If your children need some fresh air and play time, just do it. Don’t worry about the laundry or dishes. They’ll be there when you come back, and the bonus is that your children will then be happy because you played with them, and they’ll help you with the chores! You’ll learn to live with a messy dresser drawer, and your kids will at least have learned where to put their clothes!
    For right now, with a toddler, enjoy your days one at a time, and don’t stress if you don’t get everything done! To-do lists are endless for everyone. Set weekly goals instead of daily goals. It’s nice to have accomplished several tasks in one day, but you don’t HAVE to. As they say, ‘choose your battles.’
    When your children start school, I know you’ll be the class mom who always brings the cute cupcakes, you’ll attend every school party, play, program, back-to-school night, etc.
    You’ll worry about clean clothes and nutritious bag lunches, grades, class projects, adequate sleep, to an overworked, stressed child who needs nurturing, and add Sunday School, soccer uniforms and socializing, and your time will be well-occupied without your even having noticed.
    Your own to-do list will naturally get set aside because other things will take their natural place in your life.
    And here’s the good part–you won’t be alone–everyone’s juggling the same stuff–some better than others! Trust me, as your children grow, you’ll know when to step back and say ‘no’ when you’re asked to be on yet another committee or bring yet another batch of cookies to the scouts meeting.
    Let life be your guide.

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