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March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Rafe is growing up so quickly I feel like I can’t keep track of each new thing he does every day. It’s special. I try to document as much of it as I can on my phone, because I know that I’ll be sad if I don’t have enough photos. I am already thinking I didn’t take enough photos of Rafe as a newborn, though I probably did. Now that he’s walking, it’s harder to get a non-blurry shot, so I’ll have to take even more photos! Here are a few from the past week…

Pancakes. I knew he would get sticky, so he rocked the shirtless look before a dunk in the tub.

Peek-a-boo with the shower curtain.

Spoons are fun. So are cute bright shoes with buckles.

Today’s lunch.

He loves pushing things.

This afternoon we went to the local craft store to pick up some clay pots to plant some herbs. We decided to stop by the neighborhood park to swing for a bit. I’m glad we did.

I leave you with a video of Rafe jabbering and walking in circles with a favorite book of his. I think it’s kinda cute (though admittedly with a few slow moments), but I am biased :)


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