Rafe’s first day at the National Zoo

February 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we went to the National Zoo. It was such a blast and I kept having flashbacks of when my mom took us when we were kids. Even though I have been back to the zoo twice since I was a child with my mom, I still couldn’t believe that I was the mama packing the lunches and getting the group together to go on this outing. I kept feeling like a kid. Maybe that’s why I love the zoo so much. In fact, Johnny took me to the zoo when I was pregnant with Baby last year. It was fun walking around in the weak November sun, sipping tea and looking at the leopards.

At just past one year, Rafe is the oldest of the babies, so of course they weren’t fully able to appreciate all the animals (well, even appreciate the animals at all for that matter), but it was a gorgeous day to walk around, chat with my friends and look at the exhibits. We saw the elephants from two angles, on a lower level and then from a bridge over top. Rafe was actually able to see the elephants on the bridge, so that was a success in my mind. We also saw some monkeys, a panda, a giant anteater and prairie dogs, and could hear the lions growl and roar.

It was a fun day, and maybe next time we can take Johnny with us (and see the beavers and seals exhibits, which were closed due to construction yesterday).

So, here are some photos from our day. The last three were taken by my good friend Kristin. You should check out her photography website sometime if you get the chance!


First stop: the elephants

Second angle of the elephants, on top of the bridge

All the babies in a row (Rafe checking out the lovely ladies)

Photo credit: Kristin Solomon

Baby blue eyes. Photo credit: Kristin Solomon

Photo credit: Kristin Solomon


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