My lovies

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today I am remembering last year’s Valentine’s day. It was early in the morning, and I was rocking Rafe right after he ate. I was thinking about how blessed I was to have two valentines instead of one. I told him I loved him, and then he smiled. I had my phone nearby and was able to catch his sweet little face. He was only 9 days old, and though I knew he didn’t know he was smiling, it warmed my heart. This year, that little boy is now one and smiles at me all the time…and I know he knows it. He even says my name now.

My other valentine, Johnny, tells me often that he loves me and loves our son. He also writes me notes every morning. That goes a long way. He also shows me he loves me by working hard at his career so I can stay home with Rafe. I love how he is goofy and silly with our son, and he is pretty funny when we hang out with our friends, too. He loves music, and loves writing about it. He’c complex, but I like that. I’m glad I have forever with him.

Here are Johnny’s presents. Aren’t they cute? What did you get your valentine?



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