The birthday cake fiasco

February 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

On Monday I mentioned I would share a story about the smash cake. Well, here is the promised story:

I decided to make my son a banana cake in order to make it slightly more healthy than a chocolate or vanilla cake might be. Because I was making a small cake, I decided to half the recipe. The recipe called for 3/4 cup of buttermilk or sour milk. As I had neither, I made a cup of milk and added a tablespoon of vinegar. As I made it I thought to myself, remember, you only need half of 3/4 cup. I’m sure you can see where this is going. I had been multitasking on a few other things while the milk sat for 5 minutes. Before I knew it, my hand took the cup of milk and dumped it all in the mixing bowl on top of all the dry ingredients. Because the non-halved recipe only called for 3/4 cup of buttermilk, I really had no choice but to scrap it and start over.

Unfortunately, this story is just beginning.

Fast forward. I successfully made the cake and it was cooling on the rack on my counter top (see photo below). It smelled yummy, and it looked pretty darn good too. It was 12:30, and the party started at 2. I made the icing and let it sit for a moment. I then decided I needed to make room on top of a small armoire to make a little coffee bar. In order to do this, the wine rack needed to  be removed from the armoire to a shelf on top of my upper cabinets. Also on top of my cabinets was a platter with a beautiful glass dome. I moved the glass dome to the right to make room for the said wine rack, and being a short petite woman standing on a chair next to my counters, I could not see the top of the cabinets and therefore was unable to see the gaping hole that is in the corner in between cabinets.  I pushed the dome to the right, into the gaping hole, and it came crashing down on top of…you guessed it…my second cake. It was ruined, glass shards were everywhere and naturally, all over the cake. I repeat, it was 12:30. I have an old oven and had no time to mix, bake, cool and ice another cake before the party started. I called a local grocery store and my husband was kind enough to go and pick up another cake while I cleaned the glass shards from my counter top and floor. The store-bought cake was larger than I had anticipated and we had to re-ice it (it had to be red), but other than that it filled the need. My son ate it, loved it, and was super cute. All in all, it was a successful party and I was pleased with how it turned out. At least I now have a story I can tell you all and my son when he is older.

To give you a visual of the set-up:

The cooling rack is where the cake was.

The hole in the cabinet.

P.S. I had also planned to make little caterpillar legs to go with the cake and cupcake display, but unfortunately ran out of time due to the smashed glass fiasco.


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